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Apkamart is the ultimate destination when it comes to Indian art. Boasting about oneself is not a good practice, and hence we do not boast about ourselves, but our customer reviews narrate the complete excellent story of ours.  With uncountable satisfied families, we are a leader in handicraft art and hand painted decor. We create art and decor for every part of your house. From tiniest coasters to big wall hangings and table decor, we create everything. One such series inspired from Indian and specifically Rajasthan art is our famous ‘Vivid Window’ Jharokha series. 


Jharokhas are window style wall decor items. In royal times, windows were designed with great detailing and care to give a beautifully patterned look to the exterior. Apkamart brings to your home the same look with these Rajasthan Wall Hangings.These multicoloured wooden Jharokhas can be hung beautifully on any wall. They are easy to hang and represent a very compact art decor when it comes to space utilisation. These Jharokhas can be used as Photo frames or wood frames to keep your memories intact. These Rajasthan Jharokhas are a must-have for those who do not live in Rajasthan, as it will bring the bright touch of vibrant Rajasthani culture. Rajasthan is known for its royal art and rich culture. Apkamart wants to incorporate the same brilliance of this famous culture into your home decor. Rajasthan wooden Jharokhas will add colour, glamour and variety to your interior in terms of design and colours. 


Apkamart is one of the biggest stores to buy Jharokha Online. We create everything with true dedication and excellence to bring the best outcome to your home decor. Our art is compounded with vision and technique to make your decor an excellent piece of art. Buy Jharokha online from our extensive wall decor assemblage and bring home this beautiful art.Wall hanging photo frames are quite famous in present times. Wooden photo frames add a different touch to your memories captured in those lovely snaps of yours. Bring home these wonderful Jharokhas to create an ambience, which is tantalising and sober at the same time. 


Apkamart wishes that your interior is just not classic but is also sprinkled with Indian art and culture. Having handcrafted Apkamart décor will keep our art and culture revived among your family and kids. Shop from our online Jharokha store to make them a part of your lovely house.