Musician Figurines Set of 3

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An exciting way to spruce up your beautiful interiors is by buying these interesting set of figurines. The set includes 3 musicians with each of them playing different instruments. The figurines are hand painted and crafted by talented and skilled Indian artisans. The musicians are suitable to go with the traditional and modern decor. The figurines are a fine piece of art to adorn your beautiful homes by giving it a cultural touch all the while staying trendy and modern. The figurines are crafted out of iron which is a difficult material to work with making it an exceptional display of decoration. The hand painted figurines is carefully made with a matte finish. The Decorative Musician Figurines are a perfect gift for music and art lovers. You can match the showpiece to go with wall shelves, empty corner space, and with both domestic and office decor. They are an exotic piece of sculpture perfect for personal use and gifting purposes. Go ahead and surprise your friends and family with a unique yet heartfelt gift.


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Specifications :

Material : Iron                                                

Dimensions  : 

Left to Right : 18 cm or 7 inch

Front to Back : 14 cm or 5.5 inch

Height / Top to Bottom : 25 cm or 10 inch

Weight : 1.8 kgs

Colour   : Black                                                       

Inclusive Of : 3 Musicians

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