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Music brings calmness to the surroundings and creates a soothing environment around us. India has been a rich nation when it comes to art and music. Every part of our vast land has served music for years producing musicians and music sensations.  Whether it’s the Rajasthani folk music or Bollywood masala, we are born and brought up with our tradition sprinkled with a modern zest. Apkamart brings to your home the essence of music with these music figurines. Figurines are a small statuettes of some form. Musician figurines bring a different form of art to your home decor. An art that is modern and yet deliver a touch of traditionalism with it. With exquisite hand painted surface, polished shine and detailing, these figurines serve your home in the best way possible. They are cutely compact in size and depict a story altogether.  Whether it’s human figurines or Rajasthani figurines, they will bring brightness with their glow and colour to your home. 


Decorative showpieces are an integral part of your home decor. We all have big vases and photo frames in our living and dining rooms, but seldom we go for miniature home decor. These handcrafted musicians will add a very big stroke of art to your rooms even with their compact size. Iron musician figurines are a hit because of their shine and lightness in weight. You can place them on side corner stands or centre tables and create a perfect corner for yourself. They will help you make your friends and family happy because when they will open the gift packs containing these, they’ll be amazed and stupefied by the shine and galore of this wonderful table decor musical figurines. 


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