Buy Darbaan Figurines Online


When it comes to historical decor, Apkamart excels at it. We provide you with exquisite decor that glams up your home with perfect art. Our decor brings regalness and freshness to your home. Hand painted and hand crafted, we present the best art at reasonable prices. A wide range of table decor helps you create a perfect dining and drawing for your home. With art inspired by Indian traditional setting and painted with a touch of contemporary art, we present you something that is awesome in look and chic in style. 


Table decor is necessary for every home because it adds weight to your interior. It provides you with art that can be touched and felt to get a complete sense of it. One such new art is our Darbaan series of table decor. Darbaans were quite common in monarchy cultures, in king’s court and sabhas. They use to be dressed in colourful attires sprinkling the hue of vibrancy everywhere.Our Darbaan sets provide the same vibrant colour to your home. We provide human figurines in form of showpieces to help you have a great living room along with a perfectly decorated home. You can place them on corner tables and side stands or even on centre tables to bring the best to your perfect home. These Darbaan sets are corner decorative and corner showpiece that brings a taste of regalness to your abode. They come in different sizes and you can even place them at the entrance where they would seem like guarding your home. These sets of Darbaan or guards can be placed on wall brackets, on bedside stands and tables, in kitchens, in pooja rooms and can also be gifted to your friends and family on occasions big and small. These come in different materials like wood and metal and are handpainted in bright colours. These Darbaans carry different equipments like sticks or bhalas to give them a touch of reality. 


Apkamart provides you with an online portal, which makes it easy for you to choose and shop. We make it easy for you to bring the art that you love and desire to your perfect abode. With divided categories and easy payment options, we provide you with an easy shopping experience and hence you can concentrate solely on what you want. Our handicraft art is priced reasonably and we provide you with several payment options making it easy for you to pay online. Shop Darbaan sets online with us and bring these royal guards to your beautiful abode.